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Founded in 2013, Vistory is a French company specialized in digital transformation, integration of IT solutions and research and development of cybersecurity softwares. Our experience as software editor allows us to be at the forefront of the market, enabling us to spot challenges that customers are facing. We address their critical needs for sustainable performance improvement. At Vistory, our goal is to create solutions that promote innovation, productivity and business performance.

Our DNA Components


A promising technology

Blockchain allows the storage and transmission of transparent and secured information, operating without a central control unit.

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Dematerialization's benefits

The Cloud can be used to provide IT services (servers, storage, databases, etc.) via the Internet in order to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale.

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An essential spectrum

At times where IT risks are more present than ever, security is a domain in which we must grant great importance.

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Simplifying mobile working


Sesame is a remote account management mobile application available on both Android and iOS.


From your smartphone:
unlock your Windows account ;
change your password ; 
temporary rights increase on your workstation.


IT security is increased by replacing the rights of local administrator by temporary extended rights.

Interfaced with SIEM, it provides traceability of actions performed by the user on the workstation.

It allows better prevention of the risks associated with privileged accounts.


On average, 40% of support tickets are password related;

1% of users call helpdesk every day for password related problems.

Gain agility by offering autonomy and security to your users.


Create your trend
Be the trend

 A social network and an online marketplace

With our indexing technology and our market strategy, we integrate some of the top brands like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and many more.

Gleeter also offers the possibility to share your latest trends with your friends and family.

 E-commerce industry and environment

The return rate of products bought online has increased by 95% in the last five years. By 2020 the costs related to returns are estimated to reach 550 billion dollars.

In the fashion industry a large part of these returns are due to purchases not being the right size. Each year big brands burn hundreds of tons of clothes due to this. Taking into consideration that it costs 20 000L of water to produce a single t-shirt, the consequences are dramatic.

 Monitor trends

Share your purchases with Trends: Tag your products and share them with your community!

 Custom Marketplace

With E-Tailor, our measurement solution, find a shop made just for you

 Stay connected

Gleeter is also a social network. Comment, Like, Share with your community.

MainChain first Blockchain in overseas operations

 A sector in (r) evolution

3D printing is revolutionizing the maintenance and logistics businesses. This change in production mode raises questions about the interactions between actors with divergent interests. Blockchain is a simple and effective to resolve these challenges.

 The Blockchain benefits

Tamper-proof, exchanges recorded in an immutable register, high-end security, the Blockchain is a pledge of trust between its users.

 The hybrid solution

A hybrid blockchain is a model where only selected actors can be network users, verifing and approving transactions. Where reading is private to users by design.

 Armed Forces

Main-Chain offers securisations and integritiy of transactions carried out between the Army, its defense industries and its Opex spare troops.


One size, yours !

 A precise measurement application

e-Tailor is a mobile application that allows its users to calculate their measurements swiftly and precisely. We added this functionnality to Gleeter to ensure that clothes bought through our platform would fit each customer just right.

 Easy to use

e-Tailor couldn’t be easier to use. Just take three pictures of yourself and you will receive your full measurements in a matter of seconds. As privacy being is high concern to everyone we also guarantee that these pictures do not leave your phone

  Armed Forces

The French Armed Forces have similar challenges when it comes to the ready-to-wear sector:

– We are in discussion with the SCA for an end-of-year experiment with ADT
– The objective is to optimize the logistics chain of the clothing industry
– The experiment will involve 6,000 recruits

The Cloud, a thrift generator

  What is Vess ?

VESS is a FinOPS dedicated to distributed systems in the cloud. Our tool enables economies of scale to be achieved through automated migrations between different Cloud Operators .

VESS supports its integration within your IS, but also as part of your Cloud transformation, whether it is IaaS or SaaS. Set your mitigation thresholds and financial criteria, VESS will do the rest.

 Switch to distributed systems with Vess

A la différence de nos concurrents, nous voulons transformer l’hétérogénéité existante en homogénéité apparente. Ainsi nous revendiquons le statut de « Meta Cloud Management Platform » : un seul et unique portail pour manager l’ensemble du parc de nos clients, quel que soit son mode d’hébergement.

 Streamline your costs

Gagnez en productivité ! Via nos modules d’automatisation, vous réduisez la charge d’exploitation de vos infrastructures et optimisez vos offres internes.

En quelques clics, provisionner des machines virtuelles depuis n’importe quel fournisseur IaaS et gérez vos souscriptons, maîtrisez vos coûts d’achat ainsi que vos prix de revente.

Son interface de supervision épurée vous permettra d’intervenir en un clin d’oeil.

 Optimize your flexibility

Through its unique management portal, VESS allows you to industrialize the ‘As a Service’ management of your customers’ infrastructures, with an SRM approach: Automated internal invoicing, activity reporting,…

VR, a digtal transformation booster

 Virtual Reality as a lever for transformation

This disruptive approach makes it possible to give way to creativity and innovation, at low cost, allowing multiple simulations and thus to capture the user experience in a very short time.

It frees us from material constraints such as distance or even the immobilization of a point of sale to carry out experiments.

Finally, it is a catalyst for change management


We have VR skills, leveraging Unity and UnrealEngine.

Sile examples of our achievements :

  • Web browser integration in a VR universe ;
  • Content broadcast integration in a VR universe, such as Youtube, company’s intranet and SAAS applications.
  • Company’s digital interactions reproduction in a VR universe.

A skype call in VR, by Vistory.

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